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Seven Steps to Success
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Everything you need to know to run a profitable coffee shop!

Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry - by Greg Ubert

Discover the legendary coffee shop roadmap written by Crimson Cup Founder Greg Ubert.

Now in its second edition, this common-sense guide teaches everything you need to know about running a coffee shop while maximizing your profitability and peace of mind.

Learn how to:

1.      Choose the right location (Hint: it’s probably not where you think!)

2.      Set up your space for labor-efficient service

3.      Get the right products and equipment

4.      Beat the coffee giants at their own game

5.      Train employees for maximum productivity

6.      Create a welcoming culture

7.      Present a clean, attractive store

Plus, discover the golden key to successful coffee shop ownership: The Ratio for Ultimate Profitability.

Why wait?

We’ll even throw in a sample of our specialty coffee and tea at no charge. Plus, you’ll receive a catalog filled with products designed to help independent coffee houses compete with the corporate green giant of specialty coffee.

Get started on the road to coffee shop independence today.







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